Dr. Ryan Kowalczyk

Dr. Ryan Kowalczyk

So you are curious about me, are you? Nothing worse than a strange, scary, creepy dentist that you know nothing about. That’s why I would like to tell you a little something about me.

I am Social:

I like people. I am curious about you. It’s fun for me to know who you are. I like knowing what you do, what your interests and hobbies are, where did you go on vacation, and what are you studying. I don’t forget the fact that teeth are attached to people. You are my greatest asset, and I will always appreciate that.

My Fun Time:

I love music. I play all kinds of music at my office. I like newer music, which constantly changes. I dabble in the acoustic and electric guitar, and try to write music too. I have a serious appreciation of all musicians. So envious…

I constantly read. I love to learn anything new. Some of my past accomplishments are receiving my private pilot license, participating in the UI Master Gardener course, completing the TIG welding class at BSU, and homebrewing beer with the neighbors. I constantly strive to understand science based processes. Nerd alert!

School stuff:

I went to Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Great school, great town, good times. I call Marquette, the Gonzaga of the Midwest, for perspective. I graduated with a B.S. in Biology, which took only four years. I minored in philosophy and psychology. I also played rugby during those four years, and met some great fellas. Don’t worry, I don’t play dental rugby…

I went to Creighton Dental School in Omaha, Nebraska. I graduated in 2003. There I made the Dean’s list and scored very high on all of my National Dental Board scores. I worked hard there and was worth my efforts. Dentistry is the perfect job for me for so many reasons. I love what I do.

My son:

Axl Vonn Kowalczyk is my only son that I love so much. He turned 3 in March 2014. So cool being Dad. The true meaning of love is being a parent. Can’t wait to spend time with my lil dude.

Thanks for taking the time to read a little about me. I hope our paths cross. Come in to chat if you would like. Who knows? Maybe your next visit to our office will be like catching up with a friend who just happens to be your dentist.